Otono al norte de NYC, Bear Mountain

Este fin de semana, agarramos el carrito y le dimos un ultimo paseo antes de venderlo. Nos fuimos 45 minutos al norte de Manhattan
a un lugar llamado Bear Mountain, NY. Simplemente hermoso, fuimos en la mejor semana del ano para ver el foleaje de otono.

Ve la galeria de fotos completa

(Esto me recordo a las ardillitas Chip n Dale de Disney, primera vez que tengo unas de estas en mis manos)

Ve la galeria de fotos completa

Updated my resume

For who may concern, here is my updated resume.

My best wishes to Flycell.com in their new projects.

Its time for me to move on to new challenges as a software developer (new people have to fill in for the geeks that make all the goodies right?), so I’ll be joining from tomorrow a great company from which I can’t tell you much, otherwise I’d have to kill you, but just know I’ll be doing the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

Video: Capoeira in Caracas

I put together this short clip with some footage I took while I was in Caracas last year. Venezuelan Capoeiristas from Senzala in Caracas are world class representants of this Martial Art which is taught as a dance form.

Greetings to world class capoeiristas Emerson, Katay, Mowgly, Extra and Fritanga.

Traveling from NYC to Syracuse by Train

Here’ s a short video:

I was really glad to travel this way because they have power plugs, and my laptop (which runs out of battery in 1 hour) was plugged all the way, so I could do a little coding and watch all those episodes of Bleach, The Office and Everybody Loves Earl that I didn’ t have time for. It was a 7 hour trip and having the laptop there made it really short.

and here’s a flickr gallery

During this trip I recorded the 3rd Podcast Episode.

So I did go to Austria!!!

I guess I haven’t had too much time to blog.
I came with some teamates from LimeWire to Austria for something we geeks call a ‘SnowSprint’.

It’s a Code Sprint, which means, people from all over the world come to work together, to teach and learn from each other, 7 days, everybody inside an amazing hut located on the top of a snowy mountain somewhere in Austria.

I’ve shot several hundred pictures from the moment we left New York till our adventure brought us here. So, you can see all the pictures on my Flickr if you like to see pictures about travelling, snowy mountains and of course if you’re a fan of Guby (just kidding).

So, now it’s 2:51am Austria time, 8:51pm NY, 9:51 Caracas, gotta go to sleep.
Finally I’m getting up to speed when it comes to Zope, Plone and Python.

Confirmed: Going to Austria

Just like I’d always dreamed, I found the perfect excuse to go to Europe this year, “Coding”, and best of all, it will be an open source event.

Me and four other members of the team will be going to a Code Sprint in Austria. Last year’s code spring was done at a castle.

This time it the event will be held here

Representing Venezuelan coding power in Europe baby!, well be doing Web 2.0 stuff, large file handling, blogging, and more.

Look at the pictures of the place on flickr, this is supposedly where we’ll be coding like maddogs. I hope that hill will be covered with snow. We haven’ t have had enough snow this winter in New York, and I want to see what the alps snow is like.

Capoeira Senzala Venezuela

capoeira senzala venezuela

Originally uploaded by Gubatron.

This is a picture of my little sister Nicole in front of the Capoeira Senzala Venezuela (http://www.capoeiracaracas.com)
it seems as if she was teaching the class.

The location is a late 1800s jail turned into a museum in Caracas. The lighting is amazing, the place makes you feel like you are an ancient Capoeirista.

Some of the best Capoeiristas and acrobats of the world teach in these class. Emerson, Katay, Pipoka, Extra and Mogly are Capoeiristas that don’t surpass the 26 year old age and will amaze you like no other.