Skiing tips for turns

Took a skiing lesson, I’ll write all these tips here so I can read it next year or the next time I go skiing now that it’s all fresh in my mind:

1. When it’s time to turn, don’t think about breaking with the turn, once you’ve turned the ending position of both skis will make you drop speed.

2. Always put your weight on the downhill ski, never on your uphill ski.

3. Don’t lift your uphill ski as you turn, it’s not necessary.

4. Don’t put them so close together as this will make you put weight on the uphill ski.

5. The uphill ski must barely be pressing against the snow, it should feel the same as when you slide two skis together down perpendicular to the slope from a standing position.

6. Your torso must always be facing the same way as your skis, don’t try to turn with your torso so much (as when you’re learning to turn with plows)

7. You can use your pole to turn when it’s steeper (if you don’t have to think about all the prior tips), still learning this one.

8. After you turn, try skiing on the edge of your skis.

9. If your legs start opening as you ski after the turn, shift your weight towards your downhill ski and bring your uphill closer, not the other way around (cause of falls)

10. After you can do all previous 9 without thinking, try to ski on the hill facing edges of your skis as soon as you make a turn, this is how you start training for carving. You should be leaving to thin lines of snow behind you.

Can the brain of a man be programmed by man-conceived language and programmers?

When you try to express thought, intent, backed behind some other abstract motivation as a way to cope with the boredom of “reality”, a.k.a. we’re just a bunch of fucking fancy monkeys on a spec of dust. playing a social mind/video game we that must of us somehow respect called “society”, it’s only because our advanced brains have managed to build common abstractions upon abstractions product of which we have things like the technologies that make our lives so much easier.

We’re so advanced now that we have created different conventions of thought to express ideas, some simple, some so genius that can only by understood by few but admired, adored and never really understood by the majority, e.g. nanoscale chip design, nobel prize winner discoveries, Mozart’s work, The Google Search Engine. These individuals managed to be WAY WAY more prominent than the rest, they’re so prominent in fact, that the product of their focus and work has managed to linger in the brains of many of us, ideas, constructs and abstractions so powerful that never die and that actually make it into the real world to change reality.

However, these minds of ours keep expressing their thoughts using the same conventions: Language, Math, Technology, Art, (I’ll even put Religion on this list), and languages, languages, languages, in my case the most amazing abstractions I’ve ever come up with are expressed using computer programming languages.

There’s a certain difficulty in expressing thought and logic through mathematical based logical expressions, tokens, and commands, upon which we start building all sort of high level abstractions, some that could never be matched to what most people realize reality is about.

A programming language is certainly a much lower language than the one that runs on the ultimate computer of all, the human brain.

The human brain runs such an amazing architecture that it can understand thought to such extent that we can collaborate or admire the thoughts of others, e.g. Musicians, Music Lovers, Artists, Art Lovers, Scientists, Science lovers (most geeks are in this group), Film.., you get it…

Once you realize this, you can begin to try and express what you feel or recognize from world with your own abstractions, most of them are probably impossible to expres unless someone is on your brain. I think these are the hidden lower levels, less secure levels of the programming language of the matrix. 😉

Eventually we realize that we can’t be programmed (ultimate human ego trip follows…) that we are like the center of the matrix, the one that runs that simulation, we’re just a special combination of matter in the center of the very universe, capable to start to describe itself, the more it can describe, based on what it learns, it’ll ultimate find out through the spread of thoughts like mine that WE are the creators of the universe, we’re just busy enjoying the moment a little too much now.

So life… if you are elsewhere out there, you’re just another awesome combination, confabulation of a massive amount of atoms to form conscience.

Then, if lower languages born out of such a capable computer, a computer that runs on any language and that learns instantly sometimes to repeat the motion of lots of atoms the same way (thought, cause, reaction), you must realize that it is your mind that programs the universe. Then you can control it.

Are you still up here with me? 😉

PS: And of course, you must start by trying your universe manipulating programming language (run in that brain of yours, what a cool “cpu architecture” eh?) by manipulating others to do as you please, just make sure to use them wisely. #hipnosys #massiveHipnosys

It’s 2012 and elevator designers still haven’t put an UNDO button in panels

Don’t you hate when the wrong floor has been selected by someone and then everybody in the elevator has to pay with time for that error.

Enter the UNDO button for elevators. Such a simple idea.

It could work in 2 ways.

1. You press the button and it unselects the last button pressed, and so on.

2. You press the button, all selected buttons change color to hint the user you can undo any of them, and then press the floor you want to unselect.

Better yet! when are touchscreen elevator panels coming? that way we could update them, and even put ads on them (and even ads related to the floor you’re going to if you’re in a commercial building)

The Painter that learned to meditate

It was almost 3:30am and his eyes had just opened from a short 10 second nap he didn’t foresee coming, The painter was exhausted

All day he was working on a very intricate painting, with hundreds of details to keep track off, he was a perfectionist and as he went to bed and lay in bed with his eyes closed, he was still planning the strokes he would take the next day to finish another portion of his painting, when all of a sudden he realized he was no longer in bed, he was in a dream, and he could remember being fully conscious and that this place wasn’t real.

It was almost as if he was holding on to a line used to send information from both sides of a black hole, only that this one doesn’t suck light, it sucked consciousness.

It seemed that in either of these states of consciousness the amount of information that was being processed by his brain was so much that it could hardly work in parallel, his dream state was borrowing enough brain power to render the graphically detailed context only the mind of a painter could render, he realized this was the reason his dream state of mind was more like a movie on which he had no control of what was going to happen next.

The painter thought of all this, and thought of how every time he was curious to try and see what meditation was about, it all seemed to him like a croak of shit, just a voice telling him to imagine all these things and to somehow feel them, that was too hard to achieve, at least for him it was.

But this, this was the real deal, so he would practice every night this self-taught form of lucid dream meditation, he’d just try to focus on something really hard just waiting for his body to give up and go to sleep, yet his conscious mind would end up in the dreamworld where he’d find all sorts of answers to life, nobody had to explain anything.

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Breakfast extra Protein, Vitamin and other supplements

From left to right:

Ginkgo Biloba (just in case it actually works)

Calcium + D3 600mg.

Centrum multivitamin

Glucosamine HCI with MSM 1500mg x 2 (For cartilage and collagen development, no more pain in my knees, or ankles when running, stuff is awesome)

Whey Protein (24 grams of proteins, 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of carbs)

H20 300ml.

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Photography/Photoshop homage to music video “First of the year” #skrillex

First of the year
Miami, FL
December 2011

Here’s my homage to Skrillex’s “First of the Year” music video, one I think will be remembered forever as a cult music video for Dubstep as it started crossing the mainstream frontier.

The model is my daughter who started joking with her fingers right after she saw the music video, which rang a bell in my head, and here we are.

In case you have not seen the music video yet, I’ll save you the Googling
First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex [OFFICIAL]

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can you imagine being at least 25 years old and connecting to the internet for the first time today?

I realized last night that the possibility our minds have to create mental models outside the physical world (abstractions) the internet works so well.

I think my mental model of the internet reality is several orders of magnitude larger to that which I’ve experienced in the physical world, and in a way sometimes it seems more tangible because we can interact with these abstract models like if we had super powers.

Now imagine connecting for the first time to the internet today, and having lived all your life without using its benefits to your advantages. Without guiding hands and coming to the realization that you are a “new born” dealing with the likes of some of us who have been here for well over 15 years, and who have had the time to create a more accurate mental model of what the internet really is, it must be quite scary and fascinating joining this world today, probably way more exciting than it was for you or for me because there’s already all of these possibilities many of us dreamed of having at first, to the newbie, the internet culture crash course must be quite intimidating.

Going back to the mental models we make out of internet websites, services, protocols, brands, any internet entrepreneur should know that to all these newbies you have the same chance of looking as big as coca cola on the internet, to the many new users if you provide a great experience and something unique you will be as big as you can in their minds.