Playing Gears of War Split Screen on XBox Live

For the longest time I tried playing gears of war split screen (since like a year ago), and I was not able to intuitively try the stupid “Guest” profile that shows up when you press “Y” on the menu. I’d try having a Silver Xbox Live account join controller number 2.

Anyway, I’m just posting this as a reminder to myself for the future, hope it will serve some other people having he same problem:

1. Turn xbox + controllers on, with one of them linked to a single gold account
2.Main gears menu -> Versus -> Xbox Live Player Match
3 you will now notice, at the bottom of the screen “Y Guest Sign-in. Press Y on the 2nd controller, one not linked to xbox live
4. This will bring up a tab where you can select a sign in. Select “Guest”
5. Done, find or create your player match!

Now, does anyone know how to play Call of Duty 4, online, with split screen? I want to play with my friend at home, with other people on Xbox Live!

Justice for All en Rockband – Drums – Xbox 360 (Chupate esa mandarina Wii-Lover)

Aqui puse un video para demostrar que en Xbox 360 uno se puede divertir muuuucho mas que con la consola de juguete llamada Nintendo Wii. Jeje. Esto es en realidad una respuesta en video a un hilo de conversacion muy largo que llevamos en la lista de correos de sobre si el Wii es la consola gay y si es divertida o no mas alla de unos 15 minutos de gameplay.

Aqui queda prueba de que puedes simular de forma bien divertida lo que se siente tocar una cancion de metallica en la bateria, y aprendes a mejorar tu ritmica mientras pierdes unas cuantas calorias.

Video Review: Rockband – Gubatron plays the drums to Metallica – Upload unlimited files for free

Download this video in full quality (MPEG-4 ~ 33.2MB)

So here’s my pro’s and cons of Rockband, and why I still enjoy Guitar Hero more.


  • The guitar is awesome, it doesn’t make as much noise as the regular Guitar controllers
  • Good Multiplayer, a lot of fun in quickplay with all songs unlocked (UI a little confusing at first though)
  • The Mic gameplay is amazing, exceeded my expectations (although I was scared for a while cause I plugged the mic and it said it wasn’t plugged, and it wasn’t until I read on the internet that I had to plug the gamepad as well…, the game should say… the mic is in but you need a gamepad dude!)
  • More people get to play


  • Songs available are not as cool as Guitar Hero, maybe cause they tried to balance the coolness between drums and guitar. The Guitar player will get bored if it’s experienced in guitar hero, most songs are just dumb chord strumming
  • They promoted the game with Welcome To The Jungle and the song isn’t there, that was dissapointing after clearing all the songs
  • When playing the Tour in multiplayer, it’s a pain in the ass to unlock more songs, and you’re forced to play the same songs over and over again, and you get bored and stick Guitar Hero III for another 2 hours
  • 2 Friends from reported on their podcast their Guitars Broke, I can’t say the same yet
  • The noise of the drum’s is very annoying to even the drum player, no matter how loud you play the game you’ll still hear the TAC-TAC-TAC,
    then your neighbors will complain, and then you’ll have to play with headphones, which is the best solution so you don’t hear the damn plastic sound.

How to Enter the Sims 2 Cheat Codes on the Xbox 360

So after spending like 2 hours, I finally figured out some missing information from all the pages out there that tell you how to enter cheat codes on the Xbox 360 if you use a compatible Xbox Game

The xbox 360 controller lacks the white and black buttons (this is explained everywhere), so on the cheat codes when they refer to the Black button, this means you gotta hit the Right Bumper (which is the button right above the Right Trigger).

Now, what they don’t tell you is, that when they say “Left” or “Right”, they mean “Left Trigger” and “Right Trigger”, sons of bitches.

Here are all the Cheat Codes, you can enter them during regular Game Play, meaning, when your Sim is walking around.

When you enter a Cheat Code correctly you will hear the voice of a woman Yawning, if you enter the same cheat code again, you will hear a “Uh-Uh” voice with a negative sound to it.

Once a first code is entered, you’ll see a small white pole in the front of your property, this is called the “Cheat Gnome“.

So remember:

Left -> Left Trigger
Right -> Right Trigger
White -> Left Bumper
Black -> Right Bumper

When they say D-Pad, they mean the Directional pad on the center of your Xbox 360, the one that looks like the good old directional pad of the old NES.

Episodio 0055 – GTA IV

Download en mp3 | Suscribete GRATIS a este podcast | Skypeanos


Acaba de salir el trailer de GTA IV, este episodio puede mostrar la emocion de estos geeks que esperaron con ansias la salida del trailer y hasta tomamos fotos esta semana de la publicidad en Canal St. en New York.

Estaremos esperando al 16 de Octubre para comprarlo para PC o XBOX 360 y ver lo que unos 150 desarrolladores pueden hacer.

Algunas fotos del trailer (haz click para ver los detalles analizados)

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GTA IV Building Size Teaser in Canal Street, New York

On March 27th of 2007 I was walking to work then, on the corner of Canal and Greene St. my eyes could not help to stare what they’ve only seen before on a web teaser countdown for a GTA IV Trailer a few weeks back. [GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto as in one of the best video games franchises ever to be released]

These are the pictures of a building size banner that has the letters “IV”. To someone that’s not in the scene of Grand Theft Auto, this is absolutely irrelevant, it might bring some curious people, but for those of us that know about it, we’re like, damn, Rockstar’s marketers are starting to play with my head, they want my $50.

The Teaser has a countdown for the Trailer of the game, I repeat FOR THE TRAILER, not even the launch date…

Talk about creating Hype.

By the end of the marketing campaign for this game, I bet some people are gonna be sleeping by the video game shops the night before it’s released.

Juegos que espero para comprar

  • Spore
  • Halo 3
  • Asassin’s Creed
  • GTA IV
  • TMNT (Nuevo juego de las tortugas ninja)
  • Recomiendo que sigan los enlaces, especialmente el de Asassin’s Creed y vean los videos para que vean de que trata el juego, cuyos escenarios fueron reproducidos en gran detalle basados en la tierra santa y con la ayuda de historiadores (Ver los videos en la seccion de diarios de los desarrolladores para mayor informacion)

    Comunidad de jugadores venezolanos de XBOX Live

    Para los venezolanos que recien se compraron un Xbox 360 y tienen una cuenta en XBOX live, unete a nosotros en esta comunidad de Venezolanos. Habemos muchos jugando Gears of War, Call of Duty 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, Need for Speed Carbon…

    Jugar y hablar en “Venezolano” siempre sera lo maximo, mentar madre, humillar en grupo al otro equipo… no tiene precio.

    Unete a nuestra comunidad de Xbox Panas

    Agrega tu gamer tag a las listas de los juegos que ya estan, si hay un juego que tienes y no esta en esa lista de gamertags, simplemente dale a “Create Text File”

    Got an XBOX 360

    After a lot of analisys on what to buy, considering price, availability and specs, me and my friends decided to get Xbox 360s to wait for probably June or July 2007 to buy a PS3 when the prices drop.

    See the entire flickr set here

    I got Gears of War and Need for Speed = Carbon.

    My Xbox live gamer tag is GUBATRON.

    Cheers to the people of Planeta Ligero podcast, I sure gave them a lot of shit for talking and defending this product, I must say I consider them being right about it after trying it.

    Nintendo WII a $250 – Servicio en Linea GRATIS

    Coje por el Pecho Microsoft.

    Sin costos escondidos, Nintendo va a dar palo en Noviembre. Anunciaron finalmente el precio oficial de la consola, $250, y dijeron que la consola tendra acceso gratuito a un servicio de juegos en Linea. La consola sera inalambrica ademas, asi que si tienes WiFi en tu casa (con conexion a internet por supuesto), estas hecho.

    Enchufa tu nintendo WII (de solo $250), y juega en linea.

    X-box live, corre o te encaramas.
    Sony, baja los precios si no quieres fracasar.