Learning how to draw with Pencil I became inspired with lips and tits #CODE

I’m learning how to draw so that I can illustrate my ideas and express myself through visual language (and maybe change the world one day with #streetart).

I’ve been drawing mostly with markers, then oil based sharpies, but tonight I decided to learn how to use pencil, eraser and a sharing stump.

My first exercise was drawing female lips, I took a picture of my moleskine with instagram and the filter that was applied made the lips look as if they were the weird nipple of a very round breast…

Immediately my first pencil piece came to mind. I searched for “round tits” and “angelina jolie” images on bing.com (i happen to like their image search better for adult content) and started drawing away. After I posted on instagram they asked me for a photoshop version, so here you have both results of tonight’s artistic catarsis.

Here you go #CODE , both on Pencil #lips #tits #liptits #lipstits #art #pencil #photoshop