Reference: Linux Network/Bandwidth Monitoring CLI Tools

I often want to see how much bandwidth is consumed by my network interfaces and how this is happening. There’s plenty of tools available in the linux world to monitor your network activity.

If you’re a Ubuntu or Debian user you can try the ones I use by installing the following packages.

sudo apt-get install iptraf ethstatus dstat iftop ifstat nload bwm-ng

Then try each one of those on your command line and have fun exploring what they can do.

If they’re not on the path of your user account, then try them using sudo.
eg. sudo iftop

If this short list of the tools I use does not satisfy you, I suggest you read this more comprehensive list of monitoring tools

Checking the Speed of your network interface

I recently requested an upgrade on one of our dedicated server’s uplink speed, we only had a 10Mbps Uplink, we requested an upgrade to 100Mbps to serve a lot more.

How do you verify the upgrade has been done correctly?

As root, issue the following comand:

# mii-tool
eth0: negotiated 10baseT-FD, link ok

If it doesn’t work (for debian or ubuntu), make sure you have installed the net-tools package (The NET-3 networking toolkit)