Playing Gears of War Split Screen on XBox Live

For the longest time I tried playing gears of war split screen (since like a year ago), and I was not able to intuitively try the stupid “Guest” profile that shows up when you press “Y” on the menu. I’d try having a Silver Xbox Live account join controller number 2.

Anyway, I’m just posting this as a reminder to myself for the future, hope it will serve some other people having he same problem:

1. Turn xbox + controllers on, with one of them linked to a single gold account
2.Main gears menu -> Versus -> Xbox Live Player Match
3 you will now notice, at the bottom of the screen “Y Guest Sign-in. Press Y on the 2nd controller, one not linked to xbox live
4. This will bring up a tab where you can select a sign in. Select “Guest”
5. Done, find or create your player match!

Now, does anyone know how to play Call of Duty 4, online, with split screen? I want to play with my friend at home, with other people on Xbox Live!