Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories should be a masterpiece

On May 21st this year, 12 years after their incredibly successful “Discovery” release (and after doing Tron Legacy’s Soundtrack and the not so successful “Human After All” album), french Duo Daft Punk will release Random Access Memories in the US (comes out on the 17th in other countries) with some great collaborators that tell a little bit about the production process of this album.

Judging by this, there’s been a tremendous amount of work behind every track and they’ve gone for nothing but perfection, I’ll have my fingers crossed for a masterpiece classic release.

[LISTEN] Daft Punk – Live in Japan (2007) and New York

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Japan, December 2007
Hit play and enjoy the Daft Punk concert, or Dafunk Fest@ Makuhari Japan, December 2007

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In Coney Island, NY, Aug 2007

You can also hear a pretty sick recording of the concert played here in New York, Coney Island last summer. I don’t know how they recorded it, but it sounds pretty decent for being recorded from the crowd. It’s cool to hear it, makes you feel as part of the crowd. Can’t wait for them to come back, won’t miss their next concert.

Funny Detail if you hear both concerts
One funny thing, is that it almost seems as if they were playing exactly the same tracks on both concerts, no improvisation of any kind. For all we know, the Real Daft punk could be at home, they send a couple guys with helmets, play a long ass audio file, and do an awesome light show… whatever it is, it’s an awesome party with all that people around you dancing to the loud music and crazy light show.

After hearing both, let us know which crowd you think had more fun, New York or Makuhari?