FrostWire for Android 1.0 preview: Quickly checking what files are shared.

Try it now on your Android (Before the rest gets it on Google Play)

Now when you’re browsing “My Files”, you will see indicators on the top right corner of the screen letting you know how many files are shared and how many files are not shared. If you touch the indicators, FrostWire will show you only the shared ones, the un-shared ones, or all the files.

Very useful if you just shared a file and you want to unshare it, or viceversa, specially when you have hundreds or thousands of files in your device.

New FrostWire 4.17.1 Released



Official FrostWire 4.17.1 Download link — The last of the 4.17.x FrostWire series is finally out. The following is a list of the most important updates made for this release, which irons out most of the complains received from the community in regards to 4.17.0.

The new FrostWire will allow us to distribute twice the number of installers using the same bandwidth employed by 4.17.0, The new FrostWire installer has been reduced in sized more than 50% by using the latest in compression technology.

  • Half sized installers
  • It will attempt to add the default Library folder of 4.13.5 so users won’t feel like they lost their old library
  • FrostWire now can be auto-started when Windows starts. This setting is available from the ‘Option’ menu (‘Windows boot’) and from the initial setup.
  • File Association issues fixed. FrostWire will open automatically on Windows and MacOSX upon clicking on .torrents (files and links), and magnet links.
  • Fixes compatibility issues with iTunes 8
  • Heavy work on all translations. Translation files now work with for more open collaboration of worldwide translator volunteers
  • Default Community Chat chatroom auto join update (in your own language) makes chatting friendlier to non-english speaking users. Users that speak the following languages will auto join to rooms of their own language: Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Filipino, Japanese, Finnish and Hungarian. No more unexplained kicks to international users!
  • Updated “FrostWire” font logo on the Logo Pane
  • Icons updated
  • Volume toolbar graphic replaced
  • Fixed playback Issue when continuous playback was selected
  • Valid Chatroom links will now open on the user’s default browser
  • About FrostWire

    FrostWire, a BitTorrent/Gnutella Peer-to-Peer client, is a collaborative effort from many Open Source developers and contributors from all around the world. In late 2005, concerned developers of LimeWire’s open source community announced the start of a new project fork “FrostWire” that would protect the developmental source code of the LimeWire client and any improvements to the Gnutella protocol design. The developers of FrostWire give high regard and respect to the GNU General Public License and consider it to be the ideal foundation of a creative and free enterprise market.

    Nine Inch Nails – The Slip – For Free

    Today Nine Inch Nails has released their latest album The Slip absolutely for free, this after 2 weeks of releasing free singles and making it to the home page of

    The music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE.

    Viral Marketing to it’s fullest

    This band knows they don’t need a big record label anymore, they have a big name and now they can pull this kind of stunts and make it all over the press, it’s good timing. Even I must admit that an unknown band will only get so much publicity by giving music for free, even though they probably should to promote and get their music everywhere possible to start making a name for themselves, small bands will make most of their money playing gigs and concerts anyway, and the same goes to big bands with million dollar concerts.

    Now, Nine Inch Nails knows very well what they’re doing, the download process isn’t as simple as just going and picking your link, you must provide with your email address and then a link with a code will be sent back to you. Optionally you can provide your friends with the “gift” of the album and they suggest you send it up to 3 friends, thus getting themselves up to 3 more people everytime someone downloads the album.

    You must give your email address to download

    And they use the psychology trick of giving the album as a “gift” to a friend, and propose you give them 3 more email addresses

    One hell of an email database they’re gathering, one which actually cares about them. Seems like a pretty good deal for their music, both for them, and for the fans.