Breaking Hydrogen from H2O – Think of this for your car

Maybe a smaller system could be done for your car. It’d draw power from the alternator to break hydrogen into a tank, once that tank’s pressurised enough with hydrogen, when you press the gas, hydrogen could be released and sent to the engine’s cylinders (instead of Gasoline, or with Gasoline), helping you save gas.

Another way would you could use the hydrogen would be using a hydrogen fuel cell in the car, using the hydrogen and chemical reactions to produce electricity to charge another batery, and have electric engines on the wheels, when the bateries are charged enough, the Internal Combustion Engine rests and the other engines take over.

Now, if this thing succeeded, I wonder how fast we’d run out of water, we don’t have enough fresh water as it is in the world, but you could probably save up to 30% gas (pulling number out of my ass)