Nokia N900 vs Nexus One vs Droid: HD Video Playback comparison

Grabbed the demo video that comes with the N900 to delight you and put it on the 3 phones.

The screen on the Nexus One is the most impressive.

The Droid has a 1/2 sec. lag when you try to jump to another part of the video.

If you don’t care about the screen being so vibrant N900 is just as good doing video playback comparing it with the Nexus One.

Quick Motorola Cliq Review – AT&T

Here is AT&T’s/Motorola Cliq downloading "Bebbled", a free game from the Android Marketplace.

The one think I like about this phone is the keyboard, however It’s very annoying that when it’s closed the touchscreen side doesn’t have the Search button that the Droid and the Nexus have.

So, everytime you want to perform a search, you’re forced to do so with the keyboard, the search button is only to be found in it.

The way that it opens is not good for people with clumsy hands, this phone can end in the floor a lot if that’s your case.

The phone has been a bit buggy, sometimes it won’t receive or make calls and it has to be fully turned off (battery out and every thing)

It’s an OK entry android phone for the average user, If you’re looking for speed and a physical keyboard get the Droid, it’s far superior. If you don’t care about the keyboard, get a Nexus One.