Who needs record labels anymore?

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Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

With undeniable Talent, Good recording equipment, HD Camera, YouTube account and a vision for business the world is ready to meet a lot of content creators thanks to the enabling technology for creation and distribution of media that is leveling the playfield for more and more people. Discovering music and original has never been more exciting in history.

Forget piracy, this is what Labels are scared of, they’re slowly becoming more and more unnecessary.
No wonder they are behind legislation like #SOPA to have the power to scare everyone from doing covers like this one.

These covers are great to showcase your talents to people that wouldn’t otherwise even pay attention to you.

Do these kids deserve 5 years in jail?

Love her expression at the end of the video, she knows how good she is.

Samim – Heater – Music Video

Samim’s Heater uses the Colombian accordeon tune “La Pollera Colorada” to make one hell of a dance floor hit.

Here’s the video on Joost, the sound quality is great.

Samim - Heater

From Joost : Samim – Heater
Saimim shows how to heat things up a bit with their funky anthem, Heater. Taken from continent to continent, this is not one to miss out on.

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