19 Reasons to switch to eBooks/eReaders

So I’m tired of evangelizing eBooks/eReaders in person and I guess I’ll do a lot more good by writing this so that you can share it next time you want to convince a friend to live in the year 2013 and stop the mad romanticism about the handicapped physical books, it’s just ludacris reading a book on paper unless it has no digital form.

Here is an ever growing list of why I prefer eBooks to physical books
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  1. They are cheaper.

  2. They are available immediately, no need to order, wait, or move physically to get them.

  3. They never get lost.

  4. They don’t take any space, or weight, this brings many added benefits to the world:

4.1. You can have a library of thousands of books with you wherever you are, on different devices (since they can be stored in the cloud)

4.2. You will free a lot of shelve space at home/office, which also means less dust being created at home.

4.3. If all students were forced to use eBooks they wouldn’t have to carry such heavy backpacks which can deform their spines.

4.4. If all students used eBooks exclusively, there would be CO2 emission reductions since that’s a lot of weight that doesn’t have to be transported by cars/buses/trains.

  1. You can read them on different devices: e-readers, computers, smartphones.

  2. You can copy and paste.

  3. If you lend them you never have to beg your friend to give the book back, it comes back to you automatically.

  4. You can search inside them.

  5. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, a dictionary is always there for you, just touch/click the word in question.

  6. The same book may come in different languages.

  7. You can change font types, font sizes, color of the screen, margins, line spacing.

  8. You can have lots of bookmarks, you can navigate your bookmarks.

  9. You can read them with the light turned off.

  10. You can read them with one hand, turning pages is effortlessly. Awesome when you go out for a walk and you have only one hand available.

  11. No more wrinkled, stained, or broken pages.

  12. You can share your highlights on social networks.

  13. You can open a web browser right from the book if there’s a web reference.

  14. There’s no such thing as “out of print”

  15. It learns your reading speed and tells you how much time left you have on the current chapter or the whole book.

need more reasons?
or you will keep reading books because you like the smell of paper, even though there’s really a lot of stinky books out there.

are you still using cassette tapes, vinyl discs, hell are you still using CDs?

Make the switch, you will enjoy reading like never before.

Who needs record labels anymore?

884,000 views in 8 days.

Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

With undeniable Talent, Good recording equipment, HD Camera, YouTube account and a vision for business the world is ready to meet a lot of content creators thanks to the enabling technology for creation and distribution of media that is leveling the playfield for more and more people. Discovering music and original has never been more exciting in history.

Forget piracy, this is what Labels are scared of, they’re slowly becoming more and more unnecessary.
No wonder they are behind legislation like #SOPA to have the power to scare everyone from doing covers like this one.

These covers are great to showcase your talents to people that wouldn’t otherwise even pay attention to you.

Do these kids deserve 5 years in jail?

Love her expression at the end of the video, she knows how good she is.

Re: YouTube Users Pass on Paying for Movies

Dear Ryan here’s my response to your piece on YouTube Users Passing on movie rentals

It’s been only 48 hours and you’re already killing it?
I didn’t even know this was up already.

You have to let the service up for a little longer to make any judgments of these sorts.

However… being Devil’s advocate I’m with you on this one, it’s not gonna fly far, not even with cool blockbuster movies.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that $3.99 seems a little too high for “renting” a movie to watch it on your computer, specially for a crowd that’s used to come to youtube for a bunch of short free video fixes.

This business model down the line won’t be a significant source of revenue for youtube, they’ll have to revisit their strategy and copy the Netflix flat rate model; Pay every month a flat fee and stream all you want from the ever growing catalog.

The Netflix flat fee model is the best available and the markets also like it; Netflix’s market cap ($NFLX) is now over $3 billion and Blockbuster’s has been reduced to a mere ($BBI) $70 million.

From a customer’s perspective I would never rent “on demand” films at $3.99 each, not even from my cable company and I’d be watching it on a big screen sitting comfy in my living room couch.

I rather stream to my heart’s contempt all I want without having to take my wallet out every time.

Flat Rates FTW.

Las Mentiras sobre la Marihuana

Si te criaste en Latino América probablemente eres victima de las mentiras que rodean a la marihuana y probablemente tienes el cerebro híper lavado en su contra, lo cual te hace ver esta planta como algo que jamás tocaras en tu vida.

Si no has probado la marihuana (después de los 21) por miedo a todo lo que has escuchado y creído, deberías estar tan súper molesto o molesta como yo porque hemos sido victimas de viles mentiras para privarnos de uno de los placeres mas sanos de la vida.
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Recession on a country with lines for $5 coffee, really?

Either the recession is a media stunt, or people don’t know the value of the money they got left.

Last week I traveled by car from Washington,DC to New York, and on every service station I stopped along the highway, it was pretty much impossible to get a starbucks coffee because the lines were ridiculously long.

I thought it was a Manhattan phenomenon that so much people would want to pay for expensive coffee, given that you can actually have really good coffee for $1 or less if you think about it.

Has the dollar lost so much value, or we no longer think about how much things are worth?

To put it in perspective, I often think about the cost of energy and all of the things you can do with a gallon of gas.

The most expensive gallon of gas I’ve seen so far in the United States has been about $5 and we were outraged. But seriously, we’re paying way more for coffee.

To get a gallon you’d need about 16 cups, let’s say each small cup of starbucks costs $3, that’s $48 a gallon. The average car holds up to 15 gallons, you’d have to pay about $720 to fill up the tank.

Coffee is a freaking renewable resource, it can grow on it’s own for all we know, why do we accept to pay so much for it?

Oil heats your home, Oil is used to make electricity so you can read this, Oil can transport you and your family with a lot of shit in the car for miles, it’s been extracted out of the earth, it’s been processed by super expensive technology, there’s shitload of R&D to find it, if it wasn’t for it, pretty much billions of people wouldn’t even exist, we couldn’t travel or transport goods, and best of all, it’s non renewable… why the hell is it so cheap? or is the right question, why is coffee so damn expensive?

Fashion, laws of reason don’t apply

If George Boole would enter Lord & Taylors, he’d come back 15 minutes later with an Ak47 after loosing his mind and shoot everyone in the store for being so stupid.

If I showed you this, how much would you say it’s worth, a black jacket and white shirt for a woman, that pretty much looks like an every day use garment

$50, or maybe even $150 for the whole thing (and I still think that’s expensive) right?

Think again…

$200 for the shirt, and $500 for the jacket, $700 fucking dollars! And that’s without shoes, skirt and jewelry, seriously women, what are you thinking? are you thinking?

And then I looked around me, and there was this herd of women lurking around the store, looking at all the clothes like if they were hunting for their prey, they had this twisted look in their eyes as they checked every piece of clothing.

And why? Why do they even there pricing a jacket for $500 (or more, I saw even more expensive ugly crap in there) Because I think that Fashion companies rely on the fact that there’s dumb ass people that have no clue on what to do with the money, and who have lost perspective of all the things they could be doing with the same amount of money, or who really don’t have a clue of basic aritmetics, or the “greather than” operator, and that a higher numbers on a price tag means more money?

Sometimes I really feel like saying Recession my ass, and I often wonder if all the people being layed off are just suffering the consequences of the irrational fear on investors, which has been manufactured by the media puppeteers, who sometimes decide to sell us Britney’s clubbing stunts and another day scare us with “the crisis”.

And Fucking Christmas, every year I see how much faker it gets. With so many layoffs the TV should be telling you to keep your money for food, and to just go and enjoy your family and plan on what to do next year. But that’s a whole different subject for another post.