Game Developer says he hates iPhone App Store and tinkles with price of his app, Gets banned.

Way to go Apple, your iPhone App Store policies remind me of Latin American Dictatorships.

It will be easy to tell by developers that it’s a lot better to sell on Android, eventually the Android userbase will be way bigger than that of the iPhone (iPad). You missed your boat on the Apple TV (for not taking that project seriously), Android on the TV might make it to our living rooms thus creating a huge gaming market. You’re doomed if you don’t change your ways, milk the AppStore while you can.

So if you raise the price of YOUR app, you get banned? or was it because Tommy told you the truth of how much your AppStore sucks?

NOTE: I’m a Mac user, I love Apple most of Apple products but I just have a huge beef with the iPhone OS, the iPad and the AppStore. It is what it is, I’m not a blind fanboy.

[VIDEO] Talk on the phone using your thoughts

Wouldn’t it be cool to answer your phone without anybody noticing you’re having a conversation with somebody else?

Today I found a new site called, in it people place all sorts of bets, anything you can imagine, I found a bet on this new device (still very early stage), that can convert your brain signals into words, check it out on the video and you’ll get it

My bet was of course that something like this will def. change the way humans communicate.

It’s still a little scary though, I can imagine the government putting “brain-sniffers” all over the place to read our minds, which is the last place where we all can be free.

It’d be great however with people that loose their speech, they could communicate like never before, the applications for this technology are amazing.

So… What’s your bet going to be?