Of Why Chavez wanted to loose the referendum

Here’s my humble conspiracy theory of why it was in Chavez’s best interests to loose the referendum.

Weeks ago I heard that when Iraq announced that they’d be selling their oil in a currency different than the dollar, say, Euros, that was the trigger for the Bush administration to link 911 with them and conquer Iraq. Its evident the power of the US comes from having the green ones all over the place, but in 2007 we’ve seen how things are turning towards the euro, and there’s a lot of bad mouthing on the dollar.

Chavez’s is a good buddy of Iran’s President, both of them are outspoken critics of the Bush Administration, and not long ago Iran and Venezuela went to the OPEC (OPEP en espanol) and proposed selling oil in a “Currency Basket”, because they said they were at loose taking the worthless greens. (I’m not sure if they went and said this after US Intelligence discarded the whole weapons of mass destruction in Iran, which is also how they got in Iraq, and they found nothing… some say a war against Iran is just a matter of when, that its already been decided.)

What does Oil, Iran, Dollars, Euros and the US have to do with the referendum?

Everything!, if you take a look at Hugo Chavez behavior prior the referendum on the international media, this guy has been as loud mouthed as he’s ever been, he went to a summit and started calling names, got yelled by the king (to his luck, the bastard, who knows if he paid the king to do so…[now you must be thinking I have a very dirty mind]), then he cuts relationships with spain, then he gets in the way between Colombia’s government and the Guerilla, and insults president Uribe.

Now add this other big detail to the equation, he opens the “Bank of the South” in Caracas, with like 7 billion dollars, hmmmmmmmm….

Then he proposes the craziest constitution changes, he does this illegally raising brows all over the world, and pretty much looking like a dictator by asking for unlimited re-election and other non-democratic laws.

So he does what he wants at this point, get the world to look at him on election day, he will of course loose, but since everyone thinks he’s a dictator, everyone expects him to fix the elections and become the evil one, instead he makes the results to be just a little above 50% against him (to not look like such a loose), but instead the unthinkable happens, he does loose and he accepts his defeat as a “true democrat”, therefore, nothing really changes, he’s still in absolute power, he’s still making oil money at $100/barrel, and he gains 2 things:

– Calm and “hope” by the opposition, the “tense” environment goes away, and a lot of people will wait till 2013 with a smile, not knowing the worst is yet to come.
– He can join Iran and say he will sell Oil in Euros instead of dollars sometime during 2008 or 2009 and the US can’t do jack to invade Venezuela since this guy is a “democrat” that accepted his defeat in the elections.

However, there’s one thing that I don’t yet understand, why the hell is he messing around with Colombia? What does he gain from Conflict with Colombia, does he want trouble with the US to then announce he won’t be selling oil to the US? is he ready to depend on his southern friends as oil customers? can Venezuela break off the US-oil-dollar tittie? I’d like to hear your opinions.

For the Chavistas, I will not accept any insulting comments, let’s keep the debate at a high level, with education, no cursing allowed.

It’d be awesome if you can add or modify this conspiracy theory, and if you think I’m absolutely wrong, please explain why in an intelligent and elegant manner.