Hoy empieza la tercera temporada de Lost

Finalmente empieza hoy la tercera temporada de Lost.

Las otras 2 las vi en iTunes y luego en DVD… no se lo que es esperar por propagandas o esperar toda una semana por un episodio de Lost. El dilema de este geek es ahora… espero un par de horas y bajo el episodio en IRC o Bittorrent y lo veo sin propagandas?

Sin duda alguna, quizas no aguante las ganas y no termine mi clase de Capoeira nada mas que para ir a ver el primer episodio, es demasiada la curiosidad de ver que va a suceder en este primer episodio.

Sera que la super teoria tiene razon? la cual habla sobre la conciencia global y que las personas en la isla son en realidad un conjunto de personas que fueron seleccionadas, criogenizadas, y revividas haciendoles creer que son victimas de un accidente de avion para volver a poblar la tierra? que las voces son partes de una conciencia global en el futuro, que es capaz de leer mentes, etc. etc. etc.

Veamos que pasa en esta temporada… I want fucking answers!

No me imagino como van a ser los ratings de ABC esta noche, ni cuanto va a costar un comercial, o mejor aun, cuantos seeds en bittorrent vamos a tener del primer episodio, vamos a ver que tal se mueven esos torrentes esta primera semana.

Zune and Wifi Enabled MP3 Players will finish the Radio.

Some people say FM radio is already dead, but still its a medium where a lot of companies put their money.

I want to write this post to make a little more emphasis on why I think the Wifi feature of the Zune portable media player should be the hottest thing about this gadget, and why I’m so pissed that apple didn’t release Wifi capabilities on it.

A lot of people say “Why do I need Wifi on my iPod”, I just can’t help but wanting to smack them in their mouth when they say this.

I’m not sure what are the capabilities of the Wifi on the Zune, but If it were up to me, I’d let it connect not just to other Zunes (which would be awesome to share music on the L train here in New York where 50% of the carts are iPod populated) but just think of what happens once you get to the office and you have a WiFI connection…

The stupidest use, is synchronization with your machine without cables, I really don’t care about that one.

The best use I see for it is the possibility of first downloading anything to the player, best of all podcasts.

In the future I suppose the capabilities of these Wifi enabled media players will be such that you’ll be able to stream to your Zune (and hopefully to you ipod) making it possible for all us podcasters to be able to release live shows.

The inclusion of WiFI on portable devices, added to ubiquitous Wifi connectivity (or imagine WiMAX enabled media players) will kill the FM radio spectrum, and radio will start being broadcasted from the internet at much lower costs.

Any entrepenour with half a brain will want to grab a bunch of podcasters that are doing well and make his own Internet Radio Stations.

Mark my words, the WiFi feature of the Zune should be its most attractive feature, Microsoft is totally onto Apple, Steve you better hurry and put some show with “AirPodding” or something like that.

Other uses include of course, browsing the web, _READING_ email (can’t imagine typing an email with the wheel, but maybe voice recognition software could be included years from now), etc. etc.

The future is now.