Parque Central – Base Jumping from the Twin Towers in Caracas

During the summer of 2008, a couple of Venezuelan Parachute Base Jumpers (Carlos and Pedro) got together with Propela Productions to make a short film about an extreme dream of the jumpers, Jump from the Base of one of the Twin Towers of Parque Central in Caracas, Venezuela.

They format published in YouTube was divided in 2 parts, this is part 2. You can see Part One here.

Very nicely planned, produced, executed and edited (to my taste).

Let’s keep an eye on these guys, anybody knows if they have a site? I just got this from Nosgoth

[Video] Murders down a 68% in Caracas? Watch the real deal, brutal murder at Locatel Las Mercedes

WARNING: If you have a heart condition, or you can’t see violence, or if you have any children around you, I recommend you don’t watch this video right now. I watched it, and being a native from that city, just hearing how the thugs speak on their aggresive slang, seeing his intentions and then their actions, my heart raced considerably when watching this, I managed to survive a couple of similar situations in Caracas and I’m glad I’m not there anymore to be at risk.


If you managed to get out of Venezuela recently, I hope this helps you get over the home sickness and feel lucky you’re out of that madness.

To all those that think Chavez government is awesome and a cool socialist, I recommend you go and spend 6 months in Caracas, and then we talk. For some reason people from Europe and some cab drivers in New York seem to think Chavez is awesome, fuck that.

And to say that this case is Chavez’s fault is probably crap, since murders on convenience stores happen all over the world, the problem with Venezuela, is that this situation is repeated way too many times a day since we don’t have a few hundred guys like that, we probably have tens of thousands of sons of bitches like those two bastards.

(If someone knows when this took place, please leave a comment, so I can update this post)

[VIDEO] Welcome my son – Made in Venezuela

This short film based on Pink Floyd’s song is a graduate thesis project brewed out of the most prestigious communications school of Venezuela at UCAB, which also happens to be my alma matter.

Venezuelan talent, can’t wait to see more of these talented team, I think they have what it takes to be the latin american Wachoskies. Keep dreaming, keep working for those dreams, and put no limit to your dreams, that’s my humble advice.

I think this goes to show how technology is leveling the field for talented people, this was done (according to the credits) with only 4 people and lots of work. I would speculate and say this was done using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and on the 3D animation side I’m not gonna make any guesses, it’d be awesome if it was done using Blender3d, perhaps the creators will come and comment on this post about the making. I talked to Viviana and she said they’re producing a DVD with a making of, and producer’s comments audio on top of the video.

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Starring Alvaro Godoy
Created by Juan Carlos Redondo and Viviana Reveron
3D Animation and Special FX by Jesus Roldan Zozaya